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<IMPORTANT>Warning: Because this site is very new and still under development, looking at this site is at your own risk. The author cannot be held responsible for any loss of intelligence, or to physical injuries caused by hysterical laugh-outs. Proceed at your own risk.
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October 2000

Mondag 16th: Made more promotion for the fun-section, and added a page-view counter. Click on the to see how popular this site is. And I'm going to stop mentioning it, but I updated the fun-section again. And I didn't finish the page about myself again :-).

Sunday 8th: Made several minor improvements, for example I expanded the site statistics, go take a look!

Friday 6th: As you may have noticed, the layout of this site has changed a bit... I hope you like it.

Wednesday 4th: I added a friends-page, with links to other homepages. I also added a page with some information about myself.

Monday 2nd: I now also joined the OuderdagCie, another commission of A-Eskwadraat, together with Elze.

September 2000

Tuesday 26th: Improved layout again, now the distinct between major and minor items on the navigation bar on the left is better, only major items are bold. Added 'last updated' notification and copyright notice at the bottom of each page. And, great improvement, I added an <!-- at the end of each page, so that the popupbanner added by my ISP is not displayed :-D
My site can now be reached by going to my official UU-adress:

Sunday 24th: I finally entered some more general info about IMo2000, and I've put my IMo2000-diary online!
I also changed the layout a little bit, but I'm not sure it's better now...
I also fixed the 'URL not found' error you were getting after filling in a form.

Friday 22th: I added the fun-section to my homepage. I hope it is a reason to visit my page more often. Contributions are ALWAYS welcome!

Thursday 21th: There was a meeting of the Maths-OG (overleggroep - deliberation-group). I joined it, cos I want to keep up-to-date about the things going on at the university, and there should be some 1st year people (like me) too.

Tuesday 19th: There was a BBQ in Utrecht, I went there together with two students I know. It was fun, but I missed the last train that had a direct connection with my home... result: waiting for hours at very dull stations :-(
Today I also became member of the EerstejaarsCie... why am I typing English???? This information is only interesting for Dutch people...
Vandaag ben ik dus lid geworden van die EerstejaarsCie, een commissie van mijn studievereniging A-Eskwadraat. Deze commissie zal het één en ander organiseren tijdens de breekweek, maar ook allerlei andere activiteiten voor de eerstejaars. Dus, heb je nog een idee voor iets leuks, stuur ons dan een mailtje, en we zullen zien wat we kunnen doen!

Saturday 16th: Today my little sister has her birthday. She becomes 13 today.

Friday 15th: Today I had a reunion with all Dutch IMo2000-contestants in Eindhoven, since today the 2nd round for the Dutch Math Olympiad was held in the University of Eindhoven. We had finally the ability to exchange pictures, our deputy-leader made 360 (!), and of course I would like to have some too.

Tuesday 5th: The introduction has now officially ended, it was great! Wednesday I've got working class at 11, but I'm afraid (not) that I'm not making it that early... Why did they plan it right afther the closing party? I don't get it...

Friday 1st: I am now 'formally enrolled in a University', so my IMo-carreer is now over for good. :-(
I am studying Mathematics and Computer Science at the Utrecht University. This is a TWIN-propaedeutics (according to my dictionary this IS the English word for it), after one year I can chose what I want to study exactly: Math, Computer Science, or something between.

August 2000

Monday 28th: The introduction to my University started, we are going to Appelscha, Friesland, in the North of the Netherlands.

July 2000

I participated in the IMo 2000 in Korea. It was great, follow the link to read more.

End of News-section

I am currently unemployed (well, in fact I am am, see Wish), but I am not really looking for work. But if someone needs a website, I'd be glad to make it. At this moment I don't feel like working in a supermarket or something like that.

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