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About myself

I was born more than 18 years ago in a small village in a small country called the Netherlands. I've also got a little brother (Bas, he's two years younger than I am) and a little sister (Neeltje, she's five years younger than I am).

After I finished elementry school in my village, I went to a high school (Kruisheren Kollege) in a bigger-but-still-quite-small village called Uden. I finished the gymnasium in the prescribed six years. This summer I switched to the University of Utrecht, where I am currently studying Mathematics and Computer science.

In the summer of 2000 I went to the Republic of Korea, to compete in the International Mathematics Olympiad, together with five others we had to defend the honour of the Netherlands. Here you can read more about it.

I like to do sports, but currently I'm not a member of any sports-union. I like table-tennis and volleyball a lot, as well as tennis. I also like to ride bicycle, in the last summer I biked with my family thru the Netherlands, from the far south (Eisden, Zuid-Limburg) to the far north (Pieterburen, Groningen).

I like reading books, especially thrillers and detectives. My favorite writer is John Grisham, but I like others too, for example Ira Levin (Boys from Brazil), and others whose name I don't recall at this moment.

[ more to be written tomorrow (yes, again, but I did add something today!) ]

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