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Friends' homepages

Here you'll find links to some homepages of my friends, with a little bit of info about them.

Elze de Groot
She is studying MTI (Medical-Technical Computer Science, or something like that). I've learned to know her during the introduction camp of the university. She was in the same introduction group as I was, and now we are both a member of the EerstejaarsCie and the OuderdagCie. [More... (A-Eskwadraat only)]

Marjolijn Elsinga
She's also studying MTI. She's active in the MusiCie and the FeestCie, two commissions of A-Eskwadraat. [More... (A-Eskwadraat only)]

If you're a friend, and have got a homepage that you want me to list here, please mail me the url of your homepage.

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